Does your homes foundation look like crap?

We can help you enhance your homes curb appeal.

Why choose us for your Cincinnati Foundation Stucco Project?

Foundation Stucco:

The above is a good illustration of the difference our foundation stucco can make to the look of your home. Our flexible acrylic stucco transforms the plain and ugly look of a cement foundation into a beautiful, pleasing, eye catching textured surface. We can fix annoying things like foundation tar, rust marks, pitted surfaces, poorly formed corners, etc. The above two homes are in the West Chester area but we work all over the tri-state area and look forward to hearing from you. We performed our foundation stucco service to the house on the left using Stuc-O-Flex elastomeric acrylic stucco. It is a maintenance free coating that will continue to look this good for years to come. The foundation color on this home is “Mesa”. Many other colors are also available. The house on the right is a lovely home but it still needs that “finishing touch.”

Your Foundation Stucco Project Includes

Product Information: We specifically use and recommend acrylic stucco finishes manufactured by Stuc-O-Flex and Sto Corp when coating foundations. This is because of the high polymer content of these products. Both products are made in the USA, are chemically resistant water-based materials comprised of acrylic polymers, have excellent color consistency and resistance to fading. They are freeze/thaw stable when cured as well as also being extremely elastic materials. This means that they will stretch somewhat if your home settles.

We also use products from AcroCrete, Senergy, Dryvit, Palladium, and others depending upon the particular application. All finishes are high quality acrylic stucco products specifically manufactured as exterior wall coatings.

  • Standard Foundation Stucco Procedure: 
  • Grind form lines, sways, etc. as needed 
  • Scrape foundation walls 
  • Wash or pressure wash foundation
  • Patch holes and aggregate pops, fix corners, etc.
  • Apply a polymer fortified base coat to enhance adhesion, fill holes and level walls.
  • Apply a troweled and floated, or a troweled and sprayed coat of finish.
  • Clean work areas.

Whether you need a foundation stucco installation for your new construction project, or a repair or maintenance for your existing foundation stucco system, Tri-State Stucco is ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can protect and enhance the appearance of your property with foundation stucco.

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